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South Operating Centre 
Lübeck, Germany

Find out how hospital lighting is soothing patients at the South Operating Centre.
Operating room at South Operating Centre lit up with energy-saving LED lights by Philips Lighting

Our aim is
to create

an environment that relaxes patients and wins their trust. Simultaneously, it should support the staff in their physiological processes and consequently also our medical care. Light plays a decisive role here.”


- Andreas Janzen, Anesthesiologist, Managing Director of Lumaris GmbH – South Operating


Reception of South Operating Centre illuminated by Philips Lighting
Waiting area of South Operating Centre, Germany, lit by Philips Lighting healthcare solutions

Customer challenge


The Sana Hospital is the home of healthcare in Lübeck. The largest hospital in the region, it is comprised of 13 medical practices, including the South Operating Centre. Could light create a relaxing, stress-free ambience for patients and meet the high demands of a medical facility?

The right lighting 

For general lighting, Rotaris was used to create a productive workplace with its glare-free performance. In reception, DayWave luminaires support the stimulating atmosphere thanks to their refreshing light and wave-like dynamic. iColor Cove MX Powercore enhances wellbeing in the waiting area, anaesthetic preparation room, and operating zone, with soft color changes.

To meet hygiene and sterility requirements, cleanroom TBS426 luminaires were installed in the operating theatres. In the anaesthetic recovery room, dynamic light from Savio has been used to assist care. It can be set to shine a warm white light directly after an operation, before changing to a cooler light to help patients wake up. Additional colored cove lights and RGB down lights were used to create a more relaxed ambience in corridor areas.


The centre has now been upgraded with lights that meet the needs of staff and patients in each area. The task-specific lighting concept responds to the various stages of treatment experienced by patients. For example, in the reception and waiting areas, the soft, relaxing color changes help to reduce anxiety.


The new hospital lighting is helping to lower costs. The efficient performance of LED reduces energy output, lowers C02 emissions, and minimizes maintenance costs.

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Reducing distress
with light

The Team

Andreas Janzen (Managing Director), Lumaris-Verwaltungs-GmbH


Sabine Mai, Mailight

Light planning

Juliane Lokat, Holger Dürholt

Philips consultants

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