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Find out how Generali is improving workplace wellbeing with modern office lighting


Modern lighting for office by Philips

For Generali, the objective was


to improve as far as possible the users’ well-being. LED solutions offer important energy savings and require very little maintenance. This will help future end-users reduce the total operating costs of the building.''


-Jean-Marc Pascard, Asset Management Director

Break out area at Generali building, France, lit by Philips
Lighting circulation areas effectively with Philips office lighting

Customer challenge


Generali is an insurance giant – the third largest in the world. When it was renovating its 800m2 office in Paris, it wanted to create a comfortable working environment for colleagues. Could Philips improve wellbeing in the workplace, while keeping operational and maintenance costs low?  

Improved wellbeing in the workplace with Philips office lighting

The right lighting 


For Generali, the renovation was an opportunity to improve life for its employees. The previous setup was purely functional conventional lighting, aimed at maintaining an overall lighting level. However, it was apparent that an LED system could create a more comfortable workplace. Following some tests on the building façade, Generali decided to make a bold move. It would make its building the first office block to be lit entirely by LED.


To help make the project a success, Generali hired architect Anthony Béchu to draw up a plan for the new internal design. Philips was commissioned to provide a dedicated solution where LEDs were

integrated into the ceiling, for improved aesthetics. To achieve this, we created a custom-made office lighting setup, involving grids of Spot LEDs fitted into false ceiling panels.


In total, 422 luminaires were integrated into the ceiling grids. The new office lighting has improved visual comfort for workers, and the working environment has become more efficient as a result. The smart design ensures that there are no distracting reflections on computer screens, and no glare from the luminaires.


Generali building is the first office in the world to be completely lit by LED. The new modern office lighting is compliant with all workplace norms, and due to the low energy and maintenance requirements, costs are kept low.

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