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Twistline Alu 2000 hours

Twistline Alu 2000 hours

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Mains-voltage 50 mm diameter reflector lamp with aluminium reflector


Lamp can be connected directly to the mains supply, so no transformers are needed
UV-Block lamp so no additional front glass or UV filter required
Twistline dichroic and aluminium versions are the most compact lamps of their kind available


Quartz burner with Lambda-shape filament optically positioned in a hard-coated aluminium-coated reflector
Aluminium-coated version (GU10 lamp base) directs most of its heat to the front
No light goes to the back of the reflector
Clear front glass protects against touching the burner and against dust/moisture
Distinct MR16 look
High and stable light output throughout lifetime
GU10 bases ensure good retention in the luminaire and easy, 'twist and take out' insertion and replacement
Built-in double fuses for additional safety at end-of-life


Typically used for accent lighting in homes
Also used in accent and general lighting in shops, hotels, restaurants, bars etc.
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