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      Flame-shaped bulb with clear or inside-frosted glass and vacuum- or gas-filled bulb


      Clear lamps: at their best in decorative glass chandeliers and wall lamps with clear or textured glass bowls. Brilliant, visible filament adds small points of brightness for an enriched lighting effect
      Frosted lamps: graceful lamps that enhance the elegance of classical chandeliers, candelabras, wall lamps etc. Set the scene for cosiness and comfort, used with or without lampshades


      Clear lamps: slender, crystal-clear lamps designed for sparkling highlights that create a classic sparkling atmosphere
      Frosted lamps: slender, frosted lamps that create a low-glare atmosphere
      Universal burning position except for some 60W types which must be operated vertically, base-down (tolerance 90º)


      Home use in living and dining rooms, bedrooms, halls and studies
      Hotel lounges, restaurants, bedrooms, halls, conference rooms and foyers
      Clubs and social areas
      Shops and boutiques
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