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Fugato General Lighting, accessories

Fugato General Lighting, accessories

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Comprising both fixed and adjustable downlights, the Fugato range provides exceptional freedom in terms of lighting design. Furthermore, Fugato’s adjustable luminaires offer a choice of models with cardanic suspension or full internal/external adjustability. The flexibility that this allows, combined with the extensive selection of optics (including, for some models, an innovative dual-optic), ensures maximum design freedom. At the same time, visual consistency is assured, as the adjustable versions have the same dimensions and family look as the fixed models. The fixed downlights include various models that incorporate compact fluorescent lamps. All Fugato luminaires – whether fixed, adjustable or cardanic – can accommodate high-intensity discharge and halogen lamps. The Fugato downlights come in four different sizes (for 125, 175, 225 and 275 mm cut-outs). The outer rim of each luminaire forms one piece with the optic, ensuring a perfect color transition. And the passepartout interface completes the picture with a seamless ceiling integration. The result – a totally integrated solution.


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