Maxos LED panel – efficiently directing light where it is needed

Maxos LED panel

Maxos LED panel

  • Maxos LED panel – efficiently directing light where it is needed

    • Maximum visibility of merchandise
    • Energy savings of up to 60%
    • Easy installation, no hazardous materials, and no maintenance


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Product family information

Our Maxos LED panel is the first LED trunking system on the market to meet the strict requirements of supermarkets. The movable panel offers flexible and efficient LED lighting, outperforming conventional trunking systems in terms of energy efficiency and lighting design possibilities (adjustable beam shapes). With its inspiring modern design, the Maxos LED panel truly makes our customers stand out from the competition. Thanks to its high-efficiency LED light engines and innovative optical system, Maxos LED panel delivers excellent store lighting, meeting light-level and glare norms. It is available – in a choice of colors – as a new installation and as a retrofit to existing conventional installations.


Highly efficient long-life LED light engines
Advanced optical system compliant with supermarket glare norms
System efficiency above 97 lm/W
Available as a new installation (600 mm unit) and as a retrofit unit (1479 mm)


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