Maxos LED Performer – efficient and precise line lighting

Maxos LED Performer

Maxos LED Performer

Maxos LED Performer

  • Maxos LED Performer – efficient and precise line lighting

    • Extremely fast payback
    • Breakthrough optical system for precise beam shaping
    • Flexible in terms of retrofits, spots, changes, accessories


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Customers want to save energy and reduce cost compared to what they are used to with conventional lighting. At the same time, excellent lighting conditions are needed: in industrial environments, to guarantee safety and productivity; and in retail environments, to make the merchandise stand out and attract shoppers.Maxos LED Performer is an extremely flexible solution that delivers low energy consumption and excellent beam shaping at an attractive investment level.


Low energy consumption compared to fluorescent
Excellent beam shaping for less spill light and exact light distribution in horizontal and vertical planes
Proven Philips LED engines (Fortimo)
Can be mounted, new or retrofit, onto a Maxos rail
Also available in a flexible panel version 4MX800 or high-efficiency version 4MX850


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