Maxos, mounting accessories

Maxos mounting accessories

Maxos mounting accessories

Maxos mounting accessories

  • Maxos, mounting accessories

    • Available with a complete range of interchangeable components to optimize flexibility
    • High-class finishing for premium appearance
    • Easy to install


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Product family information

The light line fulfils two functions: first, it provides a sturdy in-line mounting rail on which to fix the electrical units, and second, it provides a housing for the electrical cables that bring power to the units.For suspended light lines, the light-line sections are connected using the integrated electrical connector and a sturdy external mechanical coupling piece (accessory). Surface-mounted light lines use the same integrated electrical connector and an internal coupler (accessory). On the upper part of the light-line section, special knock-out openings enable cable entry wherever needed. The basic accessories of Maxos TL-D trunkings can also be used for the TL5 trunkings.


Extended sections of 300 or 600 mm in the middle only, or in the middle and at the end, allow interrupted lines.
Possibility to integrate two NYM cables
Sturdy construction allows distances between suspension points of 3.4 to 5 m.


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