GGX555 TL5 louvers and optics

TTX400 TL5, GGX550 louvers and optics

TTX400 TL5, GGX550 louvers and optics

TTX400 TL5, GGX550 louvers and optics

  • GGX555 TL5 louvers and optics

    • Cost-effective light-line solution for use in industrial and retail environments
    • Increases productivity and enhances the shopping experience by ensuring perfect light distribution in a wide range of design configurations
    • Easy installation with only 5 clicks; offers a wide choice of mounting options and decorative accessories


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Product family information

A wide range of different louvers and optics can be mounted in the multifunctional reflector GMX555. These attachments offer many possibilities to shield the lamps and therefore improve comfort. Each attachment is available in 1-lamp and 2-lamp versions. Changing the lamp remains simple and quick as the attachments are hinged to the GMX555. The attachments, optics and mirror inserts can only be used in combination with the functional reflector GMX555/GMX555 RS/GMX555 RP.

Product family details
  • GGX555
Suitable reflectors
  • Multi-purpose reflectors GMX555, 35 / 49 / 80 W and 28 / 54 W versions
Material and light distribution
  • High-gloss aluminum, double parabolic, closed (C6)
  • High-gloss aluminum, double parabolic, closed (C6), with top reflector (T)
  • Matt aluminum, double parabolic louvers, closed (M6)
  • Matt aluminum, ribbed cross louvers (M2)
  • Lamellae louvers, white (L)
  • Universal insert, beam 20º or 40º (C-BD/A)
  • C6 and M6 can only be mounted in GMX555 MB
  • L and M2 can be mounted in both GMX555 MB and WB
  • Inserts can be mounted only in GMX555 MB
Main applications
  • Retail (e.g. food, fashion), industry
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