ArcForm – a new dimension in LED lighting



  • ArcForm – a new dimension in LED lighting

    • Creates pleasant spaces that are well lit in a soft and gentle way
    • When looking directly into the luminaire, the light is not glaring or uncomfortable
    • Offers immediate savings of over 50% on energy cost compared to a similar conventional solution


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More and more customers are looking for lighting solutions that support the architecture of the building and the types of activity taking place in certain zones. A luminaire with soft light and a gentle appearance is perfect for those places where additional quality of light adds value. With the cleanly designed ArcForm, the optical system using MesoOptics technology creates soft, comfortable lighting, with a full luminous surface. The luminaire’s wide beam shape means that the light distribution is uniform throughout the entire space, rather than directional. And the LED boards and optics offer significant energy savings compared to a similar conventional solution.


Optical system using MesoOptics technology
Wide beam shape, uniform light distribution
LED boards and optics
Design is clean, crisp and free of clutter


General lighting
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