PowerBalance Tunable White, recessed - Supporting a general feeling of health and well-being

PowerBalance Tunable White, recessed

PowerBalance Tunable White, recessed

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The right light can have a favorable effect on various physiological processes in the human body. Statistically, 65% of office workers feel short of their best before 9.00 hours. By giving them personal control over the lighting in their work space, so they can tailor it to suit the time of day and what they are doing, our PowerBalance Tunable White solution can enhance their comfort, task performance, and productivity. Similarly, in schools, PowerBalance Tunable White allows teachers to create the right mood to help pupils to concentrate, relax, etc., depending on the activity at hand, and so perform better overall.


Combines performance with smart design
Recreates the natural rhythm of daylight
Gives office workers greater scope to control the lighting to suit the time of day and what they are doing
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