Savio – pure light

Savio TBS760/770

Savio TBS760/770

Product family information

Featuring Philips’ patented micro-lens optic technology, Savio is a complete luminaire range that offers the ideal combination of stylish design and optimum performance for both task and general lighting. Savio has an edge-to-edge lighting appearance with a uniform and comfortable brightness impression – a real ‘surface of light’. The micro-lens optic consists of a single plate and is embedded in a housing made of high-quality natural anodized aluminum. Savio ensures optimum light distribution and full glare control in compliance with the latest office-lighting norm (EN 12464-1). Savio luminaires with Dynamic Lighting keep us feeling active by creating dynamic artificial light that varies over the course of the day or is set according to personal preference. Savio is available as a full range: suspended, surface-mounted, recessed, free-standing and wall-mounted.


Stylish design and excellent performance for task and general lighting
Edge-to-edge 'surface of light' effect with even, comfortable brightness
Patented micro-lens optic for optimum light distribution and full glare control


Stylish design
Edge-to-edge 'surface of light' effect
Micro-lens optic
Compliant with office-lighting norm EN 12464-1
Also available with Dynamic Lighting


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Product family details
  • TBS760 (standard version)
Ceiling grid
  • Module size: 300 / 600 mm
  • Exposed tee, concealed fixed and plasterboard ceilings
Light source
  • Fluorescent:
  • 2 x or 4 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 14, 24, 28, 35, 49, 54, 80 W
Lamp included
  • Yes (lamp color 827, 830 or 840)
  • No
  • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
  • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
  • High Frequency Regulator, DALI (HFD)
  • High Frequency Regulator (HFR)
  • High Frequency Regulator, touch and DALI (HFD-T)
Optical cover
  • Acrylate micro lens optic (AC-MLO)
  • Polycarbonate micro lens optic (PC-MLO)
  • Wieland connector (W4)
  • Emergency lighting: 3 hours (EL3)
  • Lighting controls: ActiLume multi controller (ACL)
  • Cable with CEE 7 plug (CCE)
  • Euro fuse (FU) included
  • Safety cable (SC)
  • Housing: anodized aluminum
  • Micro-lens optic: PMMA (optional is polycarbonate)
  • Rim: polycarbonate (translucent)
  • Mounted in a white zinc-coated sheet-steel housing
  • Individual; lay-in in exposed ceiling grids or with ceiling brackets in concealed ceiling grids and plasterboard ceilings
  • Suspension bracket set
  • MLO optic ensures optimum light distribution and full glare control in all viewing directions compliant with the current norm for indoor working places (EN12464-1, UGR r , 19, L m < 1000 cd/m 2 at γ > 65º)
  • Luminaires delivered without diffuser (ND)
  • Dedicated ready to install versions available (KIT)
Main applications
  • Office, department stores
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