Sereno TBS869

Sereno TBS869/528

Sereno TBS869/528

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The new Philips range Sereno recessed luminaires are more energy efficient than ever before. The latest optical technology was used to create a highly effective optic, giving rise to new opportunities for saving energy.This family of advanced TL5 recessed luminaire with micro optic technology use up to 25% less energy than standard TL5 solutions. Even greater savings can be made by retrofitting TLD lighting installations with our new TL5 recessed luminaires. The quality of the lighting is maintained, thanks to the Omni directional Lighting Control optic which increases luminous efficacy while reducing glare in all directions and complying with relevant brightness limits. As a result, our luminaires enable sustainable and green lighting solutions to be created. Because daylight-linking and presence-detecting lighting control systems can be optionally packaged into your recessed luminaire lighting solution, your energy consumption can easily be halved in comparison to conventional office lighting solutions.


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