SmartForm – the new standard for office lighting with slender recessed luminaires

SmartForm TBS417

SmartForm TBS417

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Reflecting Philips’ drive for simplicity and sustainability, SmartForm recessed is a complete family of highly versatile modular and semi-modular luminaires. These luminaires are available with a choice of LED or MASTER TL5 light sources in very small, slender versions. Designed to fit in a wide range of ceiling types, this complete family can fulfill the majority of project requirements in most applications.Energy efficiencyAs well as incorporating energy-efficient light sources and electronic ballasts, the SmartForm recessed family can be equipped with lighting controls. These include solutions for presence detection and daylight regulation (ActiLume) or daylight regulation only (Luxsense), thereby further reducing energy consumption (W/m² is very low). In this way, this Green Flagship range lowers overall cost of ownership as well as CO2 levels, making SmartForm an environmentally friendly choice.SmartForm recessed TBS417 – ‘light line beam’Slender SmartForm recessed continuous light-line luminaires are designed for integration in linear exposed T-bar and plaster ceilings.‘Light line beam’ TBS417 1-lampContinuous light line for micro-optics, asymmetrical optic and rimless MLO and Opal covers. All versions TL5: 14/24 W; 21/39 W; 28/54 W; 35/49/80 W. Luminaire width is 90 mm.‘Light line beam’ TBS417 2-lampsContinuous light line for mini-optics, 2-lamps. All versions TL5: 14/24 W; 21/39 W; 28/54 W; 35/49/80 W. Luminaire width is 115 mm.


Slender, recessed 'light beam' luminaires with micro- or mini-optics for unobtrusive ceiling integration
Complete family of linear luminaires designed to fit a wide range of ceiling types
Available with either 1 or 2 TL5 lamps for excellent, energy-efficient office lighting solutions
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