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      Designed to address the need for energy-efficient basic lighting, the TBS165 luminaire makes it possible to save energy by replacing outdated electromagnetic installations with Philips TL5 technology.Featuring innovative dedicated TL5 optics, a choice of ballasts, sensors (presence detection, daylight regulation) and emergency lighting, the TBS165 range can be used for general lighting in a wide variety of applications, including offices, corridors, schools and shops (supermarkets, DIY). Combining high-frequency gear, sensors and MASTER TL5 lamps, it allows substantial energy savings. The low-height recessed luminaire fits in exposed ceilings. Conveniently, it does not have to be opened, as it has pre-installed lamps and can be connected from the outside.


      Substantial energy savings compared to TL-D solutions with electromagnetic ballasts
      TL5 luminaire with dedicated TL5 optics; highly innovative compared to TL-D
      Easy to install luminaires in low-height ceilings as it measures only 51 mm in height


      Dedicated TL5 luminaire
      High-gloss as well as matt optics
      Compliant with office lighting norm


      Shops (supermarkets, DIY stores)
      Software Plugins
      Product family details
      • TBS165 (module size: 600 mm)
      • TBS166 (module size: 625 mm)
      Ceiling grid
      • Module size in length: 600 x 600 mm
      • Module size in length: 625 x 625 mm
      • Exposed T-bar ceiling
      Light source
      • Fluorescent:
      • 3 or 4 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 14 W
      • 2 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 28 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (lamp color 830 or 840)
      • Electronic, 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz:
      • Performer (HFP)
      • Regulator, 1-10 V (HFR-E)
      • Regulator, DALI (HFD)
      • High Frequency (HF)
      • High-gloss aluminum louver with high-gloss 3D lamellas (C6)
      • High-gloss aluminum louver with matt cross lamellas (C3)
      • Matt aluminum louver with matt cross lamellas (M2)
      Connection (outside housing)
      • Push-in connection with pull relief (PIP)
      • Emergency lighting (integrated):
      • 1 hour (EL1)
      • 3 hours (EL3)
      • Lighting controls:
      • Actilume multi controller (ACL)
      • In HFD versions DALI based
      • In HFR versions 1-10 V based
      • Luxsense (LX)
      • Safety cable (SC)
      • Housing: pre-painted steel, RAL9016 based
      • Exposed t-bar ceilings (lay-in)
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