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    SmartForm TCS460

    SmartForm – top-class lighting in a fresh, appealing design

    SmartForm TCS460

        Product family information

        We all feel and perform better in a pleasant, comfortable working environment. Designed for use in offices, shops and schools, the SmartForm family of surface-mounted luminaires combines best-in-class lighting with a clean, distinctive design. These ultra-flat luminaires are available with a choice of MASTER TL5, TL5 ECO or LED light sources in rectangular and square versions with direct/indirect lighting combinations. They can also be used to form light-lines and structures. With its wide choice of very efficient and comfortable micro-optics and covers, SmartForm surface-mounted provides the ideal solution for every situation. Lighting controls can be added for further energy saving.


        Top-class lighting performance meets all project requirements
        Fresh-looking design


        Very slim housing – only 47 mm deep
        State-of-the-art lamps
        High-efficiency optics and covers
        Possibility to add lighting controls


        Product family details
        • TCS460 (light beam, light effect cover)
        Light source
        • Fluorescent:
        • 3 x or 4 x MASTER TL5 ECO / G5 / 13, 20 W (square version)
        • 3 x or 4 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 14, 24 W (square version)
        • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL5 ECO / G5 / 25, 32, 45, 50, 73 W (rectangular version)
        • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 28, 35, 49, 54, 80 W (rectangular version)
        Lamp included
        • Yes, TL5 ECO (lamp color 830 or 840)
        • Yes, TL5 (lamp color 827/865, 830 or 840)
        • No
        • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
        • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
        • High Frequency Performer, intelligent, multi-watt (HFP-I)
        • High Frequency Regulator, 1-10 V (HFR)
        • High Frequency Regulator, DALI (HFD)
        • High Frequency Regulator DALI, touch & dimming (HFD-T)
        Housing configuration (for line arrangements)
        • Line end, 1 phase (LE1), for ending a line
        • Line feature, 1 phase (LF1), for insertion in a line
        • 1, 2, 3, 4-lamp version:
        • Micro OLC performer high-gloss optic (C8)
        • Micro OLC performer semi-high-gloss optic (D8)
        • Micro OLC very high efficiency high-gloss optic (C8-VH)
        • Micro OLC very high efficiency semi-high-gloss optic (D8-VH)
        • Micro OLC excellent comfort high-gloss optic (C8-C)
        • Micro OLC excellent comfort semi-high-gloss optic (D8-C)
        • Micro matt mirror, ribbed cross louvers (M2)
        • Micro high-efficiency mirror, ribbed cross louvers (M2-H)
        • 1, 2-lamp version:
        • Micro OLC performer semi-high-gloss bi-directional optic with top reflector (T D8-BD)
        • Micro high-efficiency asymmetrical optic (A)
        Optical cover
        • 1, 2-lamp version:
        • OLC micro-lens optic in polycarbonate cover (MLO-PC)
        • Opal cover made of polycarbonate (PCO)
        • 3, 4-lamp version:
        • OLC micro-lens optic made of acrylic with very-high-reflectance top reflector (T-VH AC-MLO)
        • OLC micro-lens optic made of polycarbonate with very-high-reflectance top reflector (T-VH PC-MLO)
        • Opal satinized cover made of polycarbonate with very-high-reflectance top reflector (T-VH PCO-SAT)
        • Push-in connection with pull relief (PIP)
        • Cable, length 200 cm, with plug CEE7 (CCE)
        • Emergency lighting: 1 hour (EL1), 3 hours (EL3)
        • Lighting controls:
        • Luxsense daylight controller micro (LXM)
        • ActiLume multi controller (ACL)
        • Internal PVC free wiring (PVCFR)
        • Euro fuse (FU) included
        Materials and color
        • Housing of powder coated steel, end-caps of PC-ABS
        • White RAL 9016 based is standard; optional white RAL 9010 or silver grey RAL 9006 based
        • 1- and 2- lamp luminaires to click into pre-screwed ceiling brackets (included)
        • 3- lamp (with bracket) and 4- lamp luminaires to screw direct into the ceiling
        • 1-, 2- and 3- lamp light lines, straight and L-shape to create with ZCS460 CP/CPL coupling pieces; luminaires line-end (LE) and line-feature (LF) are including connection and through-wiring
        • Protection foil to protect the optic during installation
        Main applications
        • Office, education, healthcare, recreation, retail, industry
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