Arano – light box

Arano TPS640/642/644

Arano TPS640/642/644

    Product family information

    Arano is a range of luminaires for TL5 fluorescent lamps and LED light sources, featuring Philips’ micro-optics. The patented micro-optic with 3D lamellae combines a miniaturist design with optimum performance in terms of light distribution, visual comfort and efficiency. And it is fully in compliance with the latest office-lighting norm (EN12464-1). Surface-mounted, suspended, free-standing and wall-mounted versions are available – some with direct/indirect lighting – to create a bright, welcoming ambience. Multiple Arano luminaires can be linked to create line arrangements.


    Miniaturist design with optimum performance in terms of light distribution, visual comfort and efficiency
    Creates a bright, welcoming ambience with surface-mounted, suspended, free-standing and wall-mounted versions, some with direct/indirect lighting
    Complies fully with the latest office-lighting standards


    Miniaturist design
    TL5 fluorescent lamps
    Micro-optic with 3-D lamellae
    Fully compliant with office-lighting standard EN12464-1
    Mounting individually or in lines


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    Product family details
    • TPS640 (direct lighting)
    • TPS642 (direct 70% / indirect 30%)
    • TPS644 (direct 30% / indirect 70%)
    Light source
    • Fluorescent:
    • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 28, 35, 49, 54, 80 W
    Lamp included
    • Yes (lamp color 830 or 840)
    • No
    • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
    • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
    • High Frequency Regulator, DALI (HFD)
    • High Frequency Regulator (HFR)
    • High Frequency Regulator, touch-switch (HFD-T)
    Housing configuration (for line arrangements)
    • Line end (LE), for ending a line
    • Line feature phase 1 (LF), for insertion in a line
    • High-gloss optic, 3D micro-lamellae, very high-reflective (C8-VH)
    • High-gloss optic, 3D micro-lamellae (C8)
    • Semi-high-gloss optic, 3D micro-lamellae, very high-reflective (D8-VH)
    • Semi-high-gloss optic, 3D micro-lamellae (D8)
    • Matt mirror, ribbed cross louvers (M2)
    Optical cover
    • Acrylate micro lens optic (AC-MLO)
    • Polycarbonate micro lens optic (PC-MLO)
    • Emergency lighting: 3 hours (EL3)
    • Lighting controls:
    • ActiLume multi controller (ACL)
    • Luxsense daylight controller micro (LXM)
    • Euro fuse (FU) included
    • Housing: natural anodized aluminum (ALU) or in white (WH)
    • End caps: natural anodized aluminum (ALU) or in white (WH)
    • Optic: aluminum
    • Optical cover:
    • AC-MLO: PMMA, PC-MLO: polycarbonate
    • Individual or in line; suspended mounting with a set of two double steel-wire suspensions (SMS) or with a set of two single steel-wire suspensions, both with metal-like power cord, 150 cm, and ceiling caps
    • MLO optic ensures optimum light distribution and full glare control in all viewing directions compliant with the current norm for indoor working places (EN12464-1, UGR < 19, L < 1000 cd/m
    • Dedicated line arrangement luminaires (LE and LF types) include all connection and suspension parts and through-wiring
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