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Antumbra iColor Keypad

Stand-alone, wall-mounted controller that triggers up to six shows at the touch of a button

Antumbra iColor Keypad
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      AntumbraButton iColour Keypad is a compact stand-alone lighting controller for intelligent RGB and intelligent white-light LED lighting fixtures from Philips Colour Kinetics. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology eliminates the need for a separate power source, affording greater freedom of placement, higher reliability, and easy installation.


      Trigger up to six light shows
      Sleek, modern, customisable design
      PoE-compliant means that one Ethernet cable delivers both data and power


      Six onboard effects and up to six configurable shows – the Antumbra iColor Keypad uses onboard lighting effects, eliminating the need for an external data source. Use the Antumbra iColor Keypad Effect Manager configuration software to select from six effects and adjust effect settings such as colour, speed and brightness as desired. Store up to six sets of effects and settings as shows. Recall shows at the touch of a button.
      Field effect technology – The user interface detects an approaching user and “wakes up”, initiating a wall-washing lighting effect to encourage interaction. An internal light sensor measures ambient light and adjusts the light-wash effect accordingly.
      Supplied as two components – The Application Module contains fascia, rim, base and mounting plate, which can be mixed and matched to suit décor. The iColor Communication Module contains all of the logical and network functions and is pre-programmed off-site, allowing commissioning to commence prior to finish options being finalised.
      Fingertip dimming and on/off control – Easily adjust the brightness of connected lights from 0% – 100%, or turn them on and off.
      Multiple language and icon labelling options – Fascia labelling language choices include English, Chinese and Arabic. A library of common icons transcends language barriers, which is particularly useful in hospitality applications.


      Stand-alone lighting controller for LED luminaires
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