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        ColorDial™ Pro is a stand-alone lighting controller and interface for color-changing LED lighting fixtures. Featuring an enhanced LCD screen for configuring effects and simple dial-and-button controls, ColorDial Pro offers fingertip triggering of full-color light shows and dynamic lighting effects.ColorDial Pro uses onboard lighting effects, eliminating the need for an external data source. Users have a choice of six customizable effects and can store up to eight sets of effects and settings as scenes, which can be recalled at the touch of a button.


        Allows creation of multiple effects and scenes
        Simplicity and freedom of installation
        Extremely easy to use


        Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology: no need for a separate power source
        Six onboard effects and eight configurable scenes
        Custom Wash effect
        Expanded addressing – control of up to 170 unique light addresses
        Fingertip dimming (0% to 100%) and on/off control


        City Beautification
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