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LightMaster Lon

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LightMaster Lon is a networked lighting controls system, using the open system LonMark® standard. As well as enabling maximum energy savings on lighting and full flexibility in lighting functionality, it interfaces seamlessly with other building systems like sun blinds, HVAC, security, etc. This makes it possible to share the information from LightMaster Lon’s sensors (e.g. occupancy and light) and to combine user interfaces. LightMaster Lon system has a number of IR user interfaces that provide a simple and cost-effective solution for integration.Philips Lighting offers a number of solutions to manage your lighting system with LightMaster Lon, using either our software or third-party software. Energy consumption, trending, managing energy targets, connection to smart grids, etc. – it is all possible with LightMaster Lon. Philips offers not only products, but also services or even complete project solutions for offices, education, industry and other applications.


Uses the open system LonMark® standard
Maximized energy savings thanks to Philips lighting know-how
Scalable and affordable thanks to its modular design


Full lighting control functionality, including daylight linking, occupancy- and time control
Optimized comfort and safety by using corridor linking and security integration
Seamless integration into a Lon-based building management system


Designed as a total lighting solution for office buildings
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