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    ActiLume 1-10 V can be connected to the 1-10 V DC control input of an HF-R ballast. ActiLume 1-10 V is calibrated for use in a standard office situation.


    A daylight-regulation/presence-detection device which can easily be fitted in a 1-10 V luminaire
    The sensor can be connected to the ballast directly (only dimming) or in combination with the SwitchBox (dimming and switching)
    Offers easy-to-install energy-saving solutions
    Has the same form fit as the ActiLume DALI & ActiLume MicroLuxSense sensor with cover


    If needed, ActiLume 1-10 V can be adjusted manually, using a rotating diaphragm to adjust the set point
    The sensitivity of the sensor can be changed within a range from 1/3 to 3
    With the rotary control it is possible to select a delay time between 1 and 30 minutes
    In combination with the SwitchBox, up to 3 HFR 254 T5 ballasts can be switched, resulting in extremely low stand-by losses (< 350 mW)
    Personal control via the Touch and Dim functionality on the SwitchBox
    Push-button to activate 100 hours burn-in mode for the lamps


    ActiLume 1-10 V is designed for various indoor applications
    ActiLume 1-10 V is designed for ceiling heights of max. 3.5 m
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