For flexibility in luminaire design and stock-keeping management

HF-Performer Intelligent for TL5 HE/HO lamps

HF-Performer Intelligent for TL5 HE/HO lamps

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HF-Performer Intelligent for Master and ECO TL5 HE/HO, TL-D and PL-L lampsHF-Performer Intelligent features automatic recognition of the connected lamp and is independently able to adjust its operation parameters exactly to the respective lamp. This results in a substantial benefit, especially for T5 lamps, as it means TL5 HE and HO lamps of the same length can be interchanged.With a choice of seven ballasts, the customer is able to handle efficiently every possible combination of Master TL5 and Eco, TL-D, and PL-L lamps.


Maximum reliability in system operation, and flexibility for designers, operators and facility managers in terms of stock-keeping management
Multi-power technology for precise operation of multiple lamp types of various wattages
Optimized for high maintenance efficiency and reliability: 5-year warranty
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