Digital ignitors for silent operation

Electronic ignitor for HID lamp circuits

Electronic ignitor for HID lamp circuits

Electronic ignitor for HID lamp circuits

  • Digital ignitors for silent operation

    • Will only work with semi-parallel ballasts
    • Silent operation
    • Can operate remotely at considerable distance from the lamp


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Product family information

HID ignitors for parallel systems


Parallel ignitor will only work in parallel circuits and must be matched with the relevant ballast
Ignitors equipped with screw terminal blocks as standard
Lightweight and compact products
Current flows through ignitor only at lamp start-up


Electromagnetic system requires ballast, ignitor and capacitor
Designed to work only in parallel circuits: ballast, capacitor value to match system power can be found on lamp/ballast combination sheet
No ignitor needed for SON-I lamps


Outdoor lighting (most popular applications: road, sports and area lighting)
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