High-resolution, direct-view linear fixture

iColor Accent Compact

iColor Accent Compact

Product family information

iColor Accent Compact is a direct-view linear LED fixture ideally suited for creating long ribbons of colour and colour-changing effects, and to display large-scale video, graphics and intricately designed effects in a host of architectural, retail and entertainment settings. iColor Accent Compact accepts Ethernet input from the PDS-400 48 V EO to support long control runs not subject to DMX data and addressing limitations. Two lens choices are available for iColor Accent Compact: a clear lens which delivers the brightest output and a translucent lens.


One luminaire, multiple applications – create media facades or architectural outlines and enhancements
Highest resolution in a direct-view linear product
ActiveSite enabled for remote management – enjoy peace of mind and enhance your brand image
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