ColorReach Compact Powercore RGBW/RGBA - High-performance compact architectural floodlight

ColorReach Compact Powercore RGBW/RGBA

ColorReach Compact Powercore RGBW/RGBA

Product family information

ColorReach Compact Powercore RGBW/RGBA is a high-performance architectural floodlight that represents the next generation in exterior illumination. It is ideally suited to dynamic lighting of large-scale façades and structures. These versions combine separate 4-channel LED sources in a single fixture to increase the total number of possible color combinations, including pastels, as well as delivering improved warmer tones and higher-quality white light than conventional RGB systems. A custom-designed 6° collimator optic creates a high-quality beam without compromising on performance. Secondary accessories allow customization and beam manipulation, ensuring flexibility for even the trickiest applications.


Color consistency and beam uniformity
Suitable for long-throw, high-punch applications


Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage
Estimated output of up to 5,400 lumens when full-on
Custom-designed 6° collimator optic
Optional spread lenses of 8°, 13°, 23°, 40°, 63°, and 5° x 17°
Rugged mounting bracket allows simple positioning and fixture rotation
Complete set of accessories including glare shields and glare mask (cut-off 45°) attach directly to secondary diffuser trim bezels


Illumination of large architectural façades
Designed for large-scale installation, e.g. commercial skyscrapers, casinos, large retail exteriors, bridges, piers, public monuments, and themed attractions
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Product family details
  • DCP403
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • 135 W
Beam angle
  • Native clear lens 6°
  • Secondary spread lenses 8, 13, 23, 40, 63 or 5 x 17º
Luminous flux
  • 5394 lm (full-on LED)
Useful life L80B10
  • t.b.d.
Operating temperature range
  • -40 to +50 ºC
  • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
Power/Data supply
  • Data enabler Pro; integrated data and power for intelligent LED lighting fixtures using Powercore
Mains voltage
  • 100-277 V AC
  • Rotational beam
Optical cover
  • Glass, flat
  • Housing: die-cast aluminum, powder-coated finish
  • Cover lens: tempered glass, clear
  • Black
  • Cable included
  • Surface mounted, integrated steel mounting bracket
  • Secondary diffusers, half-glare shield, full glare shield and glare mask (cut-off 45°)
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