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      Product family information

      ProFlood LED is a waterproof projector allowing both image projection and creative light framing – a powerful tool that gives display lighting designers great creative freedom. They can adjust the projector's output to precisely match the surroundings or to create a particular effect, virtually 'sculpting' the light.


      Exceptionally high-quality output, including advanced control of light distribution and significantly reduced glare
      Easy to install and adjust
      55 W consumption delivering the lumen performance of a 150 W CDM lamp


      Projection of text, logos, patterns and other images by means of a gobo
      Adjustable shutters enable accurate framing of monochrome or colour beams
      Adjustable beam (from 20 ° to 40 °) to precisely match the surroundings and adjust the focus and uniformity
      Long lifetime of 50 Khrs L80 at Tq +25 ºC
      Anamorphosis: dedicated software makes it possible to calculate the required gobo form to offset the distortion.


      Modern and classical buildings, architectural floodlighting
      Product family details
      • BCP608
      Light source
      • Integral LED-module
      • 55 W (+/-5 %)
      Luminous flux
      • 5,590 lm (LED flux)
      Correlated Colour Temperature
      • 4,000 K
      Colour Rendering Index
      • >70
      Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 50,000 h
      • min L80
      Control gear failure rate at median useful life 50,000 h
      • 5%
      Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
      • +25 ºC
      Operating temperature range
      • -20 to 35 °C
      • Built-in (self-ballasted LED-module)
      Power/Data supply
      • Xitanium LED drivers 50 W/s
      Mains voltage
      • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
      Inrush current
      • 20 A
      • No
      Control system input
      • No
      • Class I and Class II
      • Marine-salt protected (MSP), 500 hrs
      • Other RAL colours available
      • Module Temperature Protection (NTC)
      • ZoomSpot
      • *Four non-reflecting lenses: beam angle adjustments of 2 x 10º to 2 x 20º (Zoom spot)
      • *Image size (Ø): adjustable by moving the lens along the optical axis
      • *Image focus: adjustable by moving the two lenses along the optical axis
      • *Image uniformity: adjustable by moving the diaphragm (Ø 50 mm) along the optical axis
      Optical element
      • Optical lenses set
      Optical cover
      • Glass clear, with anti-reflection coating
      • Housing: aluminium casting, ultra-dark grey
      • RAL10714 painting
      • Mains connector access by opening the rear cover by one clip (does not affect the optical settings)
      • No internal cleaning required
      • Outdoor: on mast-head frame/wall or
      • Indoor: on roof or ceiling/wall
      • *U-shaped mounting bracket with a foot-print suitable for 3-point fixation by means of M14 bolts
      • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -180 to +180º
      • Max vertical aiming: -90 to +90º
      • Operating temperature: -20
      • Projected area in horizontal position: 0.12 m²
      • *Standing-up or hanging-down mounting
      • *Zoomspot system access by opening the front cannon
      • A mains M20 cable gland that accepts cable diameters from 8 mm to 12 mm
      • Mains connection: push-in connector, 3-poles
      Cable gland
      • M 20
      • GOBO support (100 mm), shutter, colour filter
      • When the Proflood is installed to one side above or below the axis, the projected image without gobo correction becomes distorted. To overcome this, a specific 'ANAMORPHOSIS software' has been designed to calculate the required gobo form to offset the distortion.
      • Special request: CRI 80 |Surge Protection 10 kV| Dimmability with external box
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