• Urbana – the beauty of versatility

    • Choice of 8 decorative models covers a wide range of urban applications with a distinctive family look
    • Dedicated bowls with top covers that prevent upward light emission to prevent obtrusive light
    • Range of bowls offer a choice of soft, diffuse lighting or bright, direct illumination


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Product family information

Comprising eight different decorative models, the Urbana EPS300 range can be deployed in a wide variety of urban applications. At the same time, a distinct family design aesthetic is maintained thanks to the use of a single standard pole mount across the entire range. Whatever the application, Urbana’s combination of excellent lighting performance and attractive day-time and night-time appearance adds to the ambience of the surroundings. The luminaires with Forest, Arctic and Tropic top covers address the issue of obtrusive light by means of dedicated bowls with top covers that prevent upward emission of light. The light pollution bowl Luner features a black coating on its upper hemisphere, to prevent upward light distribution. Both the opal Polar and clear Cristal bowls offer a choice of soft, diffuse lighting and bright, direct illumination.


Choice of eight decorative models; family design aesthetic
Dedicated bowls offer a choice of soft, diffuse lighting or bright, direct illumination
Top covers prevent obtrusive upward light


Urban, pedestrian and residential areas
City and business centers
Squares, promenades
Product family details
  • GPS301/302/303/304/306/307/308/309 (bowls)
  • EPS300 (pole mounts)
Light source
  • HID:
  • 1 x SON-T / E27 / 70 W
  • 1 x SON-T / E40 / 100, 150 W
  • 1 x SON-I / E27 / 70 W
  • Compact fluorescent:
  • 1 x MASTER PL-T 4 Pin / GX24q-4 / 42 W
  • Incandescent
  • 1 x incandescent / E27 / max 100 W
Lamp included
  • No
  • Electro magnetic (low loss), 230 or 240 V / 50 Hz:
  • Inductive, parallel compensated (IC)
  • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
  • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
Optical element
  • Louver (LO)
  • Louver, direct/indirect (LO-D/I)
Safety device
  • Heat shield (HSH)
Materials and finishing
  • Bowls and top covers: UV stabilized, impact resistant. Top covers painted inside white and outside black
  • Pole mount and gear cover: glass-fiber reinforced polyamide, black
  • Louver: sandblasted die-cast aluminum
  • Heat shield: pre-galvanized steel
  • Post-top mounting: axial entry Ø 60
  • Recommended mounting height: 3.5 - 4 m
  • Top covers:
  • GPS301 PCO-D400 (Polar 400) for soft, diffuse light
  • GPS302 PCO-D500 (Polar 500) for soft, diffuse light
  • GPS303 PCC-D400 (Cristal 400) for bright light
  • GPS304 PCC-D500 (Cristal 500) for bright light
  • GPS306 PCC-R-D500 (Luner) to prevent upward light distribution
  • GPS307 PCO-R (Arctic) to prevent upward light distribution
  • GPS308 PCC-R (Forest) to prevent upward light distribution
  • GPS309 PCC-R (Tropic) to prevent upward light distribution
Main applications
  • Urban, pedestrian and residential areas, city and business centers, squares, promenades
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