ArenaVision LED gen2 – enabling sports venues to offer a new experience

ArenaVision LED gen2

ArenaVision LED gen2

Product family information

The Philips ArenaVision LED gen2 floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch-lighting solution that supports the latest TV broadcasting standards and features a control platform. Designed exclusively for sports and multifunctional lighting applications, ArenaVision LED gen2 luminaires offer outstanding light quality, effective thermal management and long lifetime. The floodlight range includes versions with three and two LED light modules, which function with an external driver box – separate for use at a distance from the floodlight (BV version), or pre-fixed onto the mounting bracket of the floodlight (HGB version) for ease of installation and lower initial cost.


Maximum design flexibility and a high level of lighting quality – no flicker effect in televised applications
Floodlight system delivers maximum light output while ensuring effective thermal management in order to maximise lifetime and minimise maintenance costs
The advanced DMX driver box of ArenaVision LED gen2 meets the highest performance standards and enables the luminaire to interact with the Philips external ArenaVision lighting dynamic control system


LED technology allows instant, dynamic control of the lighting's highly efficient optical systems
Philips know-how and global support in creating lighting for broadcasting and value-adding experiences


Outdoor and indoor sports arenas and stadiums
Indoor sports halls (aquatic centres, velodromes, ice hockey arenas, etc.)
Multipurpose arenas
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Product family details
  • BVP425 BV (floodlight, 3-light module version with separate driver box)
  • BVP425 HGB (floodlight, 3-light module version with integral driver box)
  • BVP415 BV (floodlight, 2-light module version with separate driver box)
  • BVP415 HGB (floodlight, 2-light module version with integral driver box)
  • EVP400 (external driver box, IP66, DMX)
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • Up to 1,471 W (BVP425)
  • Up to 981 W (BVP415)
Beam angle
  • 2 x 6 to 2 x 19º (7 beam angles)
Luminous flux
  • Up to 161,000 lm (BVP425; CRI 85)
  • Up to 178,000 lm (BVP425; CRI 80)
  • Up to 202,000 lm (BVP425; CRI 70)
  • Up to 107,000 lm (BVP415; CRI 85)
  • Up to 118,000 lm (BVP415; CRI 80)
  • Up to 134,000 lm (BVP415; CRI 70)
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 122 lm/W
Correlated Colour Temperature
  • 5,700 K (+/-400 K)
Colour Rendering Index
  • Min: 85, typical: 90/min: 80/min: 70
TLCI per colour code
  • 85 (957) / 65 (857) / 49 (757)
SDCM (MacAdam ellipse)
  • Max 5
Maintenance of lumen output – L80B10
  • Up to 50,000 hours at released outdoor/indoor ambient temperatures
Driver failure rate
  • 0.5% per 5,000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • -40 up to +45 °C (depends on the floodlight's Ta dependent version)
  • Separate (for floodlights BVP425/415 BV version)
  • Integrated (for floodlights BVP425/415 HGB version)
Mains voltage
  • Optional: 220 V/50-60 Hz or 230 V/50-60 Hz or 380-400 V/50 Hz (mains supply voltage fluctuations -/+ 10%)
Inrush current
  • 18 A/160 µsec at 230 V mains
  • 30 A/160 µsec at 400 V mains
Control system input
  • DMX
  • Compatible with the Philips external ArenaVision lighting dynamic control system
  • Dedicated rotational optic
  • Housing and mounting bracket: moulded aluminium
  • Heatsink: aluminium
  • Electrical connection box: moulded aluminium
  • Optic lens and cover: UV-protected polycarbonate
  • Optical cover: polycarbonate cover
  • Driver box: moulded aluminium
  • Housing and mounting bracket: raw aluminium
  • Heatsink: black
  • Driver box: raw-aluminium colour paint
  • Luminaire's electrical connection: screw-less terminals for wires up to 2.5 mm²
  • Driver box connection: screw-less terminals for mains input (wires up to 4 mm²) and for output to the luminaire's electrical connection box (wires up to 2.5 mm²) and for the DMX-RDM control interface via RJ45 connectors
  • No internal cleaning required
Installation (luminaire)
  • On roof or mast head frame or indoor catwalk
  • U-shaped mounting bracket, with foot-print suitable for 3-point fixation by means of M20 bolts
  • Standing-up or hanging-down mounting
  • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -180 to +180º
  • Max vertical aiming: -90 to +90º (not for uplighting)
  • Luminaire windage area (SCx): 0.22 m² (BVP415); 0.35 m² (BVP425) at 65º tilt
Installation (driver box)
  • Indoor/outdoor open air without need of cabinet or electrical room or electrical cabinet (IP54)
  • Either pre-fitted on the luminaire (floodlight HGB version) or remotely at max 200 m distance to the luminaire
  • Fixation on flat surfaces with 4 standard screws/bolts through the key slot holes
  • Universal fixation position (cable glands never facing upwards for outdoor use)
Cable gland
  • M25 for input to the luminaire's electrical connection box
  • M25 for mains input of driver box (no through-wiring)
  • M25 for luminaire output of driver box
  • M20 for DMX-RDM control input/output of driver box
  • External spill-light control louvre ZVP420 L and ZVP500 L
  • Precision aiming device ZVP420 PAD A0
  • Driver box EVP400 comes with floodlight (BVP415/425) either in pre-fitted (HGB) or separate (BV) version. Floodlight and driver box are delivered inside the same packaging as a complete set. Driver box of BV version contains a suspension kit with its fixing accessories, if needed.
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