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Energy efficient LED lighting for industry and logistics



Your most efficient warehouse yet

The days of costly 24/7 industry and logistics lighting are over. GreenWarehouse lets you provide safe, efficient industrial lighting on demand due to sensors that detect people and vehicles and adjust lighting to the right levels automatically.


GreenWarehouse suits new and existing warehouses and industrial buildings of any size, whether the facilities are open space or deploy racking. With long-life energy-efficient LED industrial lights and flexible dimming zones, it can save up to 50%* on energy costs.


It’s easy to install – simply replace existing luminaires. No new cable infrastructure is needed, and wireless controls let you configure your system easily.

*Based on an area of 10,000 m2 over 10 years, by comparing installation and running costs of GreenWarehouse with a traditional fluorescent solution installed without dimming controls.
GreenWarehouse - Warehouse lighting just got smarter

GreenWarehouse benefits at a glance

Philips Lighting’s GreenWarehouse industrial lighting can save your warehouse up to 50% on energy
Create a safe and sustainable facility with presence detection, activating only the lighting needed for each activity
Customize lighting zones, profiles and dimming levels to deliver exactly the right light levels to keep your team productive while saving energy
Reduce maintenance costs with long-life LED industrial lights, and save even more on energy use by setting background dimming to 10%
Get started quickly with plug-and-play wireless controls and easily reconfigure your lighting if your facility layout changes

What’s possible with GreenWarehouse


GreenWarehouse from Philips Lighting allows you to create flexible dimming zones so everyone stays safe, comfortable and productive.

How it works

GreenWarehouse is a complete industrial lighting system that you can configure to suit the needs of your warehouse or logistics facility.

The lighting system allows you to create your own lighting zones, set your own dimming levels and plan the duration of particular lighting patterns. And because it’s effectively ‘plug and play’, you’re ready to go with minimal effort at the point of installation. Sensors for presence detection can be installed two ways: by mounting external sensors on the wall or ceiling to best fit your building’s layout, or by selecting luminaires with integrated sensors to eliminate the need for additional hardware.


We are able to offer state-of-the-art solutions for all parts of the warehouse, including open areas, racking and cold storage. Thanks to wireless controls, these are easy to operate and adjust, while their motion sensors make it straightforward to cut down on energy use. We can tailor a bundle to suit your warehouse, whatever its size, as the system is fully scalable. 

GreenWarehouse ready luminaires

Philips Lighting’s GentleSpace gen 2: extraordinarily energy-efficient high bay lighting

GentleSpace gen 2


Generate savings with this industry-leading energy-efficient luminaire which offers flexible options for high bay lighting, and enabling a central emergency grid PSED.

Philips Lighting’s GreenUp Highbay: energy-efficient LED high bay lighting for high-ceilinged industrial facilities

GreenUp Highbay  

Improve operational efficiency at your high-ceilinged industrial facility by replacing your 400W HID and T5 6x54W high bay lighting . Select the wireless GreenUp Hightbay option to deliver up to 88% energy savings with presence detection and control via a handheld remote.
Philips Lighting’s GreenPerform Highbay: energy efficient high bay lighting with high-rack LED optics

GreenPerform Highbay

Achieve energy savings quickly by directly replacing your 250 and 400 W HID high bay lighting with these high-rack LED optics. Specially designed to illuminate vertical planes in warehouses by allowing optimal visibility in any setting.
Philips Lighting’s GreenPerform Batten: energy-efficient longlife LED industrial lights you can control wirelessly

GreenPerform Batten

Save up to 50% in energy compared to conventional T8 battens with longlife LED commercial lighting that you can control wirelessly with a remote control.
Philips Lighting’s Maxos fusion: Reduce warehouse lighting costs with an LED trunking system with integrated sensors

Maxos fusion

Gain excellent quality of light with fewer light fittings, and reduce warehouse lighting costs by more than 50% compared to fluorescent lamps. This LED trunking system has integrated sensors to collect warehouse usage data to enable further operational efficiency improvements. 
Philips Lighting’s Pacific LED: robust waterproof luminaires delivering high-quality white light to your warehouse

Pacific LED  

Deliver high-quality white light with robust and waterproof luminaires that minimize glare and are easy to install due to smart end-caps. 

Services for GreenWarehouse

lifecycle services

Lifecycle Services

Safeguard your investment in industrial lighting with a customized service package from Philips Lighting that includes long-term maintenance for hassle-free operation.

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