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A flexible and intelligent energy saving system

Lighting on demand


State-of-the-art LED
LED has come of age. As it’s dimmable it can be combined with controls and presence detection and its full potential harnessed. By configuring lighting into zones this further reduces energy and costs.

GentleSpace gen2

GentleSpace gen2

Pacific LED WT460C

Pacific LED

Maxos LED Performer

Maxos LED

Designed around you


Brighter spaces, smarter zones

Wireless technology has changed the game. Now you can configure your luminaires into zones in whatever way makes best sense and reconfigure them via remote control if future plans means your layout needs to change – all possible with minimum fuss and without the need for expensive rewiring.


Example zones of light

Zoning examples


Racking / open space

Open space
Zone at 100% light due to presence
Zone at background level due to no presence

Easy configuration


Commissioning is a ‘one touch’ job done via a Philips wireless remote control. If plans change, for example you decide to change your zones based on analyzing data from your lighting system, it’s a simple job to reconfigure luminaires into different groups.