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Making spaces
happier and healthier



Better environments


When it comes to sustainable healthcare, environmental goals are only part of the picture. We need to take the people perspective into account too. That means supporting the comfort and wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff within your facility.

Supporting natural biorhythms


Light can play a huge part in creating a people-friendly environment. It affects our health and well-being every day, regulating important processes like the sleep-wake rhythm. With modern, sustainable illumination systems, we can harness the power of these natural rhythms and help people to feel their best.

Complementing daylight


Sculpt your environment with light. Our illumination systems let you create flexible and dynamic spaces, instil relaxing atmospheres, and mimic the patterns of daylight. Intelligent control systems detect the amount of natural light available and adjust the fixtures accordingly. As a result, you never use more energy than is necessary, and you maintain the right ambience to keep people comfortable.

Happier, more productive staff


Show your workers you care. Responsive, adjustable light makes a difference to the daily lives of medical staff. If you adjust the illumination levels in the ‘post lunch dip’, for example, it can enhance energy levels, improve alertness and help to minimize errors. Cutting-edge lighting can deliver the visibility that staff need, while maintaining a relaxing, glare-free ambience.

Did you know?

Reduction in patient stay times when exposed to plenty of natural daylight
Call processing increase in better lit environments that include daylight
Productivity increase in better lit environments that include daylight
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