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    OptiVision LED improves

    safety and cuts costs

    Lighting Trondheim airport


    See how the new lighting at Værnes Airport improves the safety of the crew at night.

    Trondheim airport

    This solution makes sure

    we don’t lose our night vision, due to the LED it gives our personnel better visibility and offers more safety.
    Trondheim airport 1

    Customer challenge


    Trondheim Airport, Værnes, is Norway’s fourth largest airport, with nearly 5 million passengers a year, and it is growing. The air route between Trondheim and Oslo, with 35 flights a day, is the fifth largest in Europe in terms of passenger numbers. 



    The right lighting


    The airport needed new area lighting to be installed from scratch in the aircraft apron area. The lighting had to provide adequate light output, comply with the regulations of the Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management (now Avinor), be able to withstand rough weather and not be a nuisance for either cabin crew or ground staff. 


    • OptiVision LED
      OptiVision LED
      Philips OptiVision LED floodlighting system – the latest in high-efficiency LED technology – provides a complete lighting solution for the simplest through to the most complex area...
      • Excellent control of spill light thanks to highly efficient optical system
      • Advanced Philips system controls and sensors enable additional energy savings (up to 65%) in area lighting applications
      • Minimized maintenance costs thanks to long-lasting LEDs and the luminaire's thermal management system

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