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    core company values

    Venco Campus,
    Eersel, the Netherlands

    Discover how commercial lighting is keeping Vencomatic at the forefront of industry innovation
    Philips commercial lighting illuminates this office at Venco Campus

    We are an
    innovative company

    and we want to promote that image in all areas, and that definitely applies to our lighting design. We have selected the most comprehensive LED lighting solutions for maximum effect. It looks great and the responses have been positive.”


    - Cor van de Ven, owner of Vencomatic

    An employee works at the Venco Campus production area, lit brightly thanks to Philips industrial lighting
    In the Venco Campus parking lot, Philips UrbanStar fixtures are fitted with ClearField bulbs

    Customer challenge


    Vencomatic is a pioneer in poultry systems. Its new base, the Venco Campus in Eersel, is notable for its 30,000 m2 size and unique egg shape. Could a new lighting system reflect the company’s core values of sustainability, innovation, and flexibility at the site?

    The right lighting 

    Vencomatic is at the forefront of farming technology. It specialises in developing, producing and selling modern poultry systems. For its new building, the decision was made to reach an energy-neutral status through a sustainable commercial lighting solution.


    LED lighting was the perfect fit. This energy-efficient lighting technology is gaining greater popularity in the poultry industry. Vencomatic has already taken advantage of LED, and has begun using it in the new barn buildings it produces. For its own warehouses, a TTX LED industrial lighting system was chosen. The bright, clean light it provides is perfect for the production line environment.


    The lights in the offices are managed by a Dynalite control system, which dims the bulbs automatically whenever rooms are empty. In the showroom, GentleSpace LED provides a welcoming atmosphere that shows products in their best light. Lastly, the outside areas have been lit by UrbanStar fixtures fitted with ClearField bulbs. Their soft, light provides clear night time visibility without scaring away the local bats.


    With the new industrial lighting systems in place, the Venco Campus is truly an innovative, energy-efficient building. The new lights will deliver savings of up to 40% on energy and maintenance.

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