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    Lighting that’s

    on track in Emirates Arena

    Emirates Arena,

    Find out how groundbreaking flood lights are providing fantastic sporting vision at Emirates Arena
    Philips Lighting lights up the Emirates Arena, UK with flood lights

    In a high
    profile project

    like the Lighting Arena you need to have confidence that suppliers can deliver the necessary specialist expertise and experience. The professionalism of the Philips team, and the quality of the products, played a very important role in the success of this project.”


    - Tom Pheely, Arup

    Bikers riding at Emirates Arena, UK, lit by Philips Sports Lighting solutions

    Customer challenge


    The Lighting Arena in Glasgow was set to be a new home for sport in Scotland. Preparing to host several events for the 2014 commonwealth games, the venue needed a lighting system that could provide correct light levels for tennis, cycling, judo, boxing, and more.

    The right lighting 

    For a modern sports venue like the Emirates Arena, proper lighting is critical. In addition to the main arena, which seats 7,000 and hosts a range of sporting events, there is an adjacent velodrome, with space for 4,000 spectators. The velodrome is set to become the home of Scottish cycling, and needs consistent levels of light all around the interior.

    Philips was ready to get the lighting on track. We installed 188 ArenaVision flood lights around the arena, which can be individually switched to achieve different light levels. These light levels can be altered according to the status of the event, or if it’s being televised. Using the Dynalite control system, staff can choose between 40 preset light settings for different sports.

    In the velodrome, 272 further ArenaVision floodlights were installed, ensuring crystal clear vision for sportspeople and spectators alike. As well as providing maximum visual comfort and clarity, they can be adjusted via standalone ToBe Touched controllers, which allow the operator to adjust brightness, color, color temperature and saturation. With the new lights in place, The Emirates Arena is off to a spectacular start.

    Philips will continue its involvement with the Arena through an after-care package, ensuring that the lighting continues to deliver optimum performance.

    Clear vision, 
    exhilarating events

    The Team

    Emirates Arena


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