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    A simple change makes

    journeys safer

    Schougen's bridge,
    Malmö, Sweden

    Find out how outdoor LED lighting is making Schougen's bridge safer at night



    Schougen’s bridge in Malmo is illuminated with Philips LED luminaires, fixed to a minimal cable system.

    Philips was the
    only contractor

    who supplied this type of lighting solution. We received excellent support.”


    - Johnny Clausen, manager for public lighting in Malmö city


    FreeStreet LED luminaire from Philips, a minimalistic luminaire for street lighting

    Customer challenge


    Schougen's bridge in Malmö was sorely in need of some new lights. Since the 1970’s, it had been lit with power-hungry mercury luminaires, which illuminated the bridge poorly and spilt light onto other areas. Malmö municipality got in touch with Philips to see if we could do any better.

    The right lighting 

    Although the bridge only measured 34 metres long and 18 metres wide, clear lighting was paramount. It was hoped that a new system would increase visibility for drivers and pedestrians and shrink energy costs. After seeing our FreeStreet system at the Light & Building fair, Malmö representatives were keen to see if it would improve safety on the bridge.


    Philips got to work installing FreeStreet. Instead of using lamp posts, its free-hanging fixtures are mounted on cables that also supply power. The new system aligns the LED lamps correctly with the street below, so that light shines where it is needed with no spillover. “Now there is light where there is supposed to be light”, said public lighting manager Johnny Clausen. “This is a major advantage if we ever want to increase the lighting level, as we can simply add more LED luminaires to the existing wire”.


    The new system has increased the amount of light sources without adding more light masts. In line with Malmö council’s desires, the LED’s are very discreet; they appear to hang in the air at night, and are barely visible during day. Not only do the LEDs use less energy and improve safety on the bridge, but they have an expected lifecycle of 12.5 years.


    By replacing the mercury lighting on Schougen’s bridge with energy efficient LED lighting, the total installed power was reduced by 202.4W. This amounts to energy savings of 810 kWh/year for the city of Malmö.

    More light for
    less money

    The Team

    Malmö city, department of streets and roads


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