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    customer experience

    Bullring shopping centre,
    Birmingham, UK

    Find out how LED lighting helped to enhance shopper experience at the bullring shopping center.
    Use lighting to create a unique shopping experience - Philips

    Selecting LEDs has
    enabled us

    to enhance the Bullring’s aesthetics and visual impact in addition to the Bullring’s excellent retail mix we can now offer a spectacular night time vibrancy brought about by the exciting light shows that we can create – and all this has been achieved without compromise to our environmental responsibility."
    Pleasant lighting atmosphere in the circulation areas of the Bullring Shopping Centre - Philips
    Premier lighting solutions for shopping centers - Philips

    Customer challenge

    The award-winning bullring shopping center wanted a new lighting concept that would support its image and enchant visitors, without compromising on sustainability standards. Philips stepped up to help.
    Bullring Shopping Centre façade - Philips

    The right lighting

    The award-winning Bullring in Birmingham is one of Europe’s most exciting shopping destinations, attracting 40 million visitors a year. The high standards of the business needed to be reflected in the new lighting system, and we began by replacing the old cold cathode lighting system with Philips eW® Cove Powercore. The top quality light delivered by these fixtures adds a welcoming and refreshing light to any shopping area, and was applied around the escalators, toilets, lifts, and main walkways.

    Close to the main entrances to the Bullring, cutting edge LED City Wing street lighting luminaires were installed, complementing the mix of historic and contemporary architecture around the building. Within the main concourse, RGB iColor Cove QL were affixed along the walkways while ColorBlast modules were positioned near to major retailers.

    The difference is striking. The new system has added character and class to the center, delivering vibrant blasts of color and clean radiance. The flexibility of the light fix...

    Energy-efficient LEDS are lowering electricity bills by 85%, a reduction of £34,000 a year. This equates to 251 tons of CO2 emissions that will be saved annually - the equivalent of 1241 hot air balloons!


    Elegant, refined and yet perfectly practical. An exterior lighting solution that adds class to any environment.

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