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    Reducing anxiety
    with light

    University Medical Center,
    Groningen, the Netherlands

    Find out UCMG is piloting energy saving initiatives with modern hospital lighting.
    The UMCG reception area uses energy-saving lighting, thanks to Philips hospital lighting

    The lighting solutions
    in the

    two neurosurgery departments, within the scope of Hospilot, have increased the comfort and reduced energy consumption. An enhanced visual experience that our employees confirm is a great improvement.”


    - Henk Timmerman, Director of Building and Infrastructure UMCG

    A nurse checks on her patient in a UMCG patient room, lit using Philips' energy saving lighting
    People work by the light of Philips' hospital energy saving lighting in this UMCG office

    Customer challenge

    The University Medical Centre (UMCG) in Groningen is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands. The 350,000 m2 site has a lot of staff, resulting in high energy consumption. For the Hospilot energy project, could Philips provide an eco-friendly, comfortable lighting system?
    The UMCG Laboratorium which uses Philips hospital lighting to illuminate the room

    The right lighting


    The Hospilot project was all about saving electricity. Its purpose was to measure the effect of energy-efficient technology in three European hospitals. This involved measuring power consumption for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting over a year, and seeing the difference that the new systems could make.


    LED lighting was installed about the hospital to improve staff and patient comfort while lowering energy use. Day rooms and family rooms were fitted with LuxSpace Mini LED downlights, and an OccuPlus sensor that dims lights automatically. In addition, visitors and patients can alter the ambience themselves through the ToBeTouched controller, giving them reassuring feelings of control.


    For enjoyable, glare-free light in the wards, LuxSpace Compact LED downlights were added. In the toilets, motion-activated LuxSpace Micro LEDs automatically turn off when the room is empty, saving energy. The offices were fitted with low-power TL5 recessed luminaires for, and the corridor was fitted with SmartForm LED. This innovative light provides improved dimming options, and avoids dazzling patients who are being transported in beds.


    The new lighting systems are bringing in significant savings, and delighting staff. Director Hank Timmerman says: “It is exceptional to see what a difference light can make; it really has enhanced the visual experience. Staff have emphasized that their working environment is now far more pleasant.”

    Reducing anxiety
    with light

    The team

    University Medical Centre, Groningen




    Peter van Dijken and André Hundt (UMCG), Arend Riemersma (Unica)

    Project leaders

    Sjef van Eggelen, Philips Lighting


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