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    round-the-clock care

    Asklepios Clinic
    Barmbek, Germany


    Find out how healthcare lighting is helping Asklepios Barmbek to provide 24 hour care.
    Illuminating the facade of Asklepios Clinic Barmbek by Philips Lighting

    As an Asklepios Clinic,

    we’ve signed

    up to the Green Hospital Program. For this reason, in our hospital corridors, we use a modern LED lighting solution that’s both energy efficient and durable, provided by our partner Philips. It’s very important to us, as all corridors must be lit around the clock."


    -Stefan Tefke, Hospital Manager, Technology-Purchasing-Logistics-IT

    Philips Lighting gives light to the corridors of Asklepios Clinic Barmbek, Germany

    Customer challenge

    Asklepios is a leader in modern medicine. With 150 facilities around Germany, it is the largest privately held hospital operator in Europe. When the Barmbek branch signed up to the government’s new Green Hospital programme, it needed a way to increase sustainability without disrupting the 24 hour care it provides.
    Corridors of Asklepios Clinic Barmbek lit by Philips Lighting

    The right lighting


    We began by replacing the 3,600 flourescent tubes installed in the corridors with MASTERLED tubes. These fixtures aid navigation in the corridors with bright, comfortable light. In addition, the tubes offer flicker-free performance, consume minimal energy, and last three times longer than fluorescent ones. We also installed 944 LuxSpace and 577 Luxspace mini in the corridors.


    The new fixtures will deliver ongoing energy savings for many years without maintenance.The upgrades continued in the bathrooms and toilets, where we installed 78 LuxSpace Compact Power downlights. For general lighting in other areas, we installed 1,000 MASTER LEDspot GU 5.3 lamps. The new fixtures deliver the high quality light needed for staff visibility, while providing a comforting ambience for patients and visitors. With all requirements met, hospital lighting is helping the healing process for people every day.


    Since making the switch to LED, energy consumption in the refurbished areas has fallen by a substantial 1,172,290 kWh annually (21%). Overall savings for the hospital are in the region of €164,120, and CO2 emissions have been greatly reduced. In addition, with LED lamps offering 50,000 hours use, maintenance costs are lowered and disruptions minimized.

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