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    Wooninc. Housing Corporation,
    Eindhoven, The Netherlands

    Find out how energy-efficient lighting is helping Wooninc.’s employees feel at home
    Wooninc, illuminated by Philips energy-efficient lighting for office

    The combination of
    LuxSpace and PowerBalance 

    creates lighting that is easy on the eye. The staff have responded very positively; they find the lighting extremely pleasant.”


    - Marleen Donders, New Build Project Leader, Wooninc.

    The corridor of Wooninc lit up with Philips lighting

    Customer challenge

    Wooninc is a property provider with a difference. This Eindhoven-based housing corporation, which owns around 7,500 rental properties, focuses on housing young people and seniors. After moving to a new home in Woensel, new lights were needed for the open-plan workspace.

    The right lighting 

    Wooninc.’s new building in Woensel was smaller than its previous one. As staff would all be working in one large room together, the lighting had to create the right atmosphere. In addition, the corporation sought a sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solution.


    Initially, Woolinc believed that LED wasn’t suitable, and wouldn’t fit in the budget. This soon changed after a test setup compared several lighting options. “Philips showed itself to be by far the best option”, said Hans Metten of Mansveld Projecten and Services. “Our staff found the light more pleasant and user friendly. It also came to light that LED operating costs were lower than conventional lighting in the longer term.”


    To create a productive working atmosphere, LuxSpace and PowerBalance were chosen. Both fixtures provide stable, glare-free illumination for office environments. Marleen Donders, New Build Project Leader for Wooninc, says: “The fixtures fit perfectly into our ceiling. The installation was very simple. The PowerBalance fixtures are easily adjusted through a standard dimming function, and are energy efficient and easy to maintain. The time when we needed to fetch a ladder to change bulbs is now over.”


    The new energy-efficient lighting is helping colleagues work together in the open-plan office, with clean, refreshing illumination.

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    The Team

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