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    St Helens Metropolitan

    car park


    Return on

    investment in 4 years


    MASTER LEDtubes deliver significant reductions in energy and maintenance costs

    New Metronomis LED lighting for park

    A return on investment

    within four years through the savings on energy consumption alone"
    St Helens Metropolitan MASTER LEDtube

    Customer challenge


    Upgrading to LED light sources seemed to be the obvious
    solution and a key consideration was ensuring that light levels would be maintained, given the safety aspects of car park lighting.


    The right lighting


    Around 500 Philips MASTER LEDtube LED lamps, suppliedthrough Specialist Lamp Distributors (a subsidiary ofEdmundson Electrical), have been retrofitted to existing twinT8 fluorescent luminaires at the car park. As well as improvingthe lighting quality and visibility for drivers, the project hasdelivered significant reductions in energy and maintenance costs.


    Frank Kelly Building Services Engineering Manager for the Council, explained: “We are continually assessing our energyconsumption and looking for cost-effective ways to reduce it. The car park was an obvious area to investigate as the lightingis on seven days a week.

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    • MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
      MASTER LEDtube EM/Mains T8
      The Philips MASTER LEDtube integrates a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. Its unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance, which cannot b...

    Return on investment in 4 years


    St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council


    Merseyside, UK


    Special Lamp Distributors (SLD)

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