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    Safer streets

    Orford, Warrington, UK


    Find out how street lighting is making Orford a more welcoming place at night.

    Nicely lit street at Orford, UK by Philips street lighting

    Customer challenge


    Warrington Borough wanted to transform Orford. The aim was to enhance Festival Avenue and surrounding streets with new lights that would improve the night time environment. Could Philips provide a suitable lighting solution that was also energy efficient?

    Philips street lighting system illuminates effectively a street at Orford, UK

    Warrington Borough Council
    is committed to

    reducing its carbon footprint by installing energy efficient and low maintenance lighting whilst considering the needs of a diverse environment and its residents. Philips’ lighting scheme offered us the perfect solution to meet the needs of local residents."

    The right lighting


    "The project had several key objectives. Not only did the council want to improve visibility at night, but it was also important that the new lights met energy efficiency goals. In order to achieve these goals, we experimented with a mix of LED luminaires and CosmoPolis lamps. By testing a number of different color temperatures, we were able to determine the best night time environment for the residents of the area.


    The new lighting system was based around SpeedStar and Mini Iridium luminaires. Because SpeedStar is available in three different color temperatures, it provides a flexible solution for lighting urban areas. The modular concept means that more LEDs can be added incrementally, so that specific brightness levels can be reached.


    Orford’s new luminaires are controlled by the Starsense street light management system. This system allows the council to cost-effectively monitor, control, meter and diagnose the lights. As a result, costs are lowered thanks to the pre-programmed dimming profile. "

    The new street lighting has made Orford a more pleasant place to be at night. Bright, clean light makes the area safer and more welcoming. In addition, the new lights use 60% less energy.

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