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    Tunnel lighting that

    goes the distance

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Find out how LED lighting is enhancing safety in the long-distance Lundbytunnel
     The insidue of the Lundbytunnel illuminated with Philips lighting for tunnels

    We worried about

    from the LED lighting but this turned out not to be an issue at all. The TunLite LED luminaire provides good light distribution and uniformity, plus the system solution as a whole is very attractive.”


    -Berth Torsson, Technical Project Manager, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administrat)

    Lundbytunnel lit by Philips
    Lundbytunnel lit by Philips

    Customer challenge


    The Lundbytunnel in Gothenburg required some long-distance lighting. Measuring 2.2km, its illumination systems were in use 24 hours a day. When the existing lights reached the end of their life cycle, travel administrators Trafikverket sought a cutting-edge replacement.

    The right lighting 

    Several standards had to be met if the tunnel lighting was going to go the distance. Trafikverket wanted energy-efficient fixtures that would provide white light with good color rendering. Since maintenance is disruptive and costly, the lighting also needed a long service life. Finally, the system had to meet brightness standards and achieve uniformity, preventing any stroboscopic effects.


    Philips TunLite LED was put to the test. “We carried out a test installation using 10 66W TunLite LEDs”, explained Berth Torsson, Technical Project Manager at Trafikverket. “The LED results were so good that we tried reducing the power to 61 W. The result was really impressive, so we installed 160 luminaires in the center of the tunnel ceiling. The distance between the luminaires is 8 meters; previously, the distance was 6 meters. We have now decided to install LEDs in the entire tunnel.”

    Fewer lights are now needed, reducing the overall cost. What’s more, the new lighting has strengthened safety in the tunnel. Berth Torsson explains: “Users have reacted very positively. They find that the white LED lighting is much clearer than the yellow light from the old SON lamps. They also have better color rendering, Ra 70, resulting in improved traffic safety in the tunnel”.

    The ground-breaking LED lights have a 60,000 hour service life, which minimizes maintenance costs and traffic disruptions. Energy consumption has been reduced by 21,000 kWh per year, and CO2 emission by 25,000 kg per year.

    Reducing road risks
    with light

    The Team

    Trafikverket, Berth Torsson


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