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    Solar outdoor lighting

    Solar outdoor lighting

    Our solar LED luminaires will help you save energy while reducing darkness in public places. 


    Our solar outdoor lighting solutions convert the sun's energy into high-quality lighting.


    These solar lighting solutions bring light to places where electricity cannot easily reach, providing reliable, high-quality lighting designed to harmonize with any environment so that cities and communities can grow safely and ecologically.

    Solar outdoor lighting
    Renewable solar lighting has a leading role in sustainability, contributing to goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) of the United Nations' SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
    Solar outdoor lighting Elena Park

    Solar outdoor lighting,

    safer for everyone, guaranteed savings and easy installation.


    Signify brings solar-powered outdoor lighting solutions to places where the power grid is non-existent, unstable or too expensive to run.


    Our solar LED luminaires bring citizens greater safety and comfort.


    These luminaires also provide the space with a low-maintenance sustainable lighting solution that reduces the carbon footprint, all for a minimum investment.


    Clean and sustainable, solar lighting is also self-sufficient in terms of the energy it collects and transforms independent from the electricity grid, which also reduces civil engineering work considerably, since there is no need for ditches, conduits, manholes and underground cables.

    The Philips Experience

    Solar park lighting video

    Infanta Elena Park solar lighting    


    The Infanta Elena park in Seville was among the first projects to install Philips SunStay solar LED luminaires, harnessing this technology to provide its citizens with greater safety, energy savings and commitment to the environment.

    The project incorporates 20 Philips SunStay luminaires,  as Seville is resolved to stay committed to sustainability, reducing energy costs and improving the city's carbon footprint.

    "We will use this extremely efficient and effective solar outdoor lighting to lower our energy consumption and reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions". Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville
    Effective outdoor lighting
    "The technical solution implemented in this pilot project comprises 20 SunStay luminaires that incorporate the photovoltaic panel, charge controller, battery and LED light source in a single unit. " Igor Soto, End User Marketeer at Signify

    Philips solutions for solar outdoor lighting


    Philips SunStay is an all-in-one product incorporating the photovoltaic panel, battery, light source, and components. It is an integrated solar lighting solution to reap savings in terms of energy and also installation and maintenance by precluding wiring and reducing civil engineering, promoting the growth of cities and communities in a more energy-efficient and safer way.


    Philips UrbanSpark is the self-consumption solution that brings light to places where electricity cannot easily access without compromising on aesthetics.

    The design fits any city environment without affecting the daytime appearance, e.g., shopping centers, parks and green areas, residential areas, remote areas, tourist sights, etc.

    Solar-powered lighting products

    Sustainability and design to bring light anywhere


    All-in-one solar street luminaire
    Street luminaire integrated with lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), solar panel, charge controller.

    Tango G2

    Tango G2 Gen 4.0 Solar

    Complete range of configurable and connected solar flood lights upto 15,000 lumens.


    SmartBright All-in-one Solar Street light

    All-in-one solar street light range up-to 12,000 lumen..
    GreenVision Xceed Gen 4.0 Solar

    GreenVision Xceed Gen 4.0 Solar


    A complete range of configurable and connected solar street lights up to 24,000 lumens.




    A remote monitoring unit for solar street lighting.

    Solar Panel Sub System

    Solar Panel Sub System


    Solar Panels for Philips Solar Lighting.

    Urban Spark

    Solar luminaire BGP161

    Solar luminaire BGP161


    Symmetrically distributed luminaire, available with neutral white and warm white light.

    Solar luminaire BRP711

    Solar luminaire BRP711


    Asymmetrically distributed luminaire, available with neutral white and warm white light.

    UrbanSpark solar column BDP301

    UrbanSpark solar column BDP301


    Solar column with integrated panels, battery and equipment. Available heights of 4m and 6m. For the installation of luminaire BDP161 or BRP711.

    The solar lighting system essentially comprises one of the luminaires (BGP161 or BRP711)  and one of the columns.

    Aspects to consider for a solar powered public lighting project with Philips

    • A solar-powered outdoor lighting project has to meet the same technical requirements as a conventional lighting project 
    • The solar luminaire has a limited autonomy, since its nighttime operation depends on a battery that charges during the day 
    • The geographical location and weather are important for the hours of sunshine 
    • On-grid or off-grid solution? Solar solutions are usually off-grid in Spain and Portugal, i.e., not connected to the power grid. 
    • The best applications for solar lighting with our UrbanSpark product are: shopping centers, parks and green areas, since they forestall underground buried cables and simplify the infrastructure, residential areas, university campuses,  country clubs, golf courses, parking lots, cemeteries, remote areas such as rest areas on highways, remote pedestrian crossings, danger spots on (secondary) roads, remote tourist areas, bridges, beaches, etc. 
    • Technically speaking, a solar-powered luminaire has  solar panels to absorb  solar energy,  charge and  discharge controller to manage the storage battery, corresponding luminaire and its column.