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    Bring learning to life with human-centric lighting

    Create the perfect conditions for learning

    Students learn best when they’re in an environment that supports learning. SchoolVision school lighting helps you create the optimal learning environment using a specially calibrated light spectrum that helps students stay alert and concentrate on learning.


    Teachers can select from four lighting profiles, instantly adjusting classroom lighting to keep students focused and comfortable as the day progresses. They can also align lighting with different classroom activities, such as reading, to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

    Philips Schoolvision - Pupil

    SchoolVision benefits at a glance

    Study: See how SchoolVision school lighting improved student performance compared to normal classroom lighting
    Boost concentration and attention span by using light to manage student mood and energy levels throughout the day
    Help teachers achieve learning outcomes with lighting that supports specific tasks, such as quiet reading or group work
    Improve your institutions academic reputations through better student performances. Comply with school and university lighting standards
    Reduce costs with lights that dim when sensors detect empty classrooms or sufficient natural daylight
    Achieve energy savings of up to 57% with energy-efficient school lighting

    What’s possible with SchoolVision


    SchoolVision from Philips Lighting is a lighting system that allows teachers to choose between four different light settings that mimic the natural patterns of daylight and help children stay focused and alert.

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