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1. The perfect ambience

Bring out the best in products, meats, dairy foods and other displays using LED recipes, soft pastel lighting and dimming.
Bring out the best in products using color tuning, zoning and dimming.

2. Shopper experiences

Adjust lighting centrally for multiple stores – or give store managers access via our app so they can create dedicated zones, set schedules to match the rhythm of the day, or set the scene for events such as wine and cheese tastings.
Adjust lighting centrally via our app and set the scene for events

3. Easy setup

StoreWise comes ready to install in a pre-configured package or in a kit customized for multiple stores.
StoreWise comes in a pre-configured package or a kit customized for multiple stores.

4. Daylight harvesting

If your store has windows, save even more with a combination of daylight harvesting, LED luminaires and lighting controls, which allow you to adjust light levels in the store to match daylight levels outside.
Save up to possibly 20% with lighting that adjusts to daylight levels.

5. Scheduling

Scheduling lighting based on your store’s hours of operation allows you to save additional energy and reduce costs.
Save up to possibly 15% by aligning lighting with your store’s daily routine.

6. Presence detection

Sensors can help you save on energy costs by triggering lighting only when spaces like staff-only areas are in use, and dimming or shutting off when no one is present.
Save up to possibly 5% with sensors triggering lighting in staff-only areas.