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    Lighting in offices and industrial spaces has a profound effect on the well-being, productivity, and worker vitality. Effectively lit and attractive environments enhance your image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.


    Philips connected lighting systems can precisely manage the lighting in a facility with a combination of control strategies, allowing you to deliver the optimum light levels for performing tasks safely and effectively. By integrating luminaires with sophisticated controls and comprehensive management systems, you can streamline business activities while saving energy and ensuring employee satisfaction.



    Enhance the total value of your facility

    Deeper insight for more effective management  


    In a connected lighting system, intelligent luminaires merge with a facility’s IT and power infrastructures. Because lighting is installed virtually everywhere that people go, the lighting system can serve as a pervasive data communications platform.


    By outiftting the lighting system with integrated sensors, businesses can gain deep insight into the usage of spaces for informed decision making. Facility managers can use this insight to optimize the delivery of lighting and other resources, such as HVAC and cleaning, putting aggressive sustainability and cost-savings goals within reach.

    Your building, their way


    Connected lighting systems allow workers In offices and industrial facilities to act as owner and operators of their own spaces.


    With a specially designed smartphone app and positioning information managed by the lighting system, you can give office workers control of the lighting at their specific work areas to suit their individual preferences, even in open-plan offices. By enhancing light quality and comfort, and by giving workers more control over their environment, connected lighting systems can help make your workplace more pleasing and more productive.

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    Lighting works better when it plays well with others


    Connected lighting simplifies and streamlines workflows for managing a building’s entire lighting system. But the value of Philips connected lighting systems doesn’t stop there.


    With our open approach, Philips connected lighting systems can integrate with building automation systems and other systems in a facility. Lighting management becomes one aspect of a system that includes other important services—including HVAC, maintenance, daylighting, environmental and chemical monitoring and compliance.


    Because our connected lighting systems play well with others, you can create flexible solutions that respond to your specific business and operational needs, enhancing the total value of your facility and helping to attract and retain high-value tenants.

    Lighting works better when it plays well with others

    Make your office work for you  

    Brighten up your workspace  


    Office lighting can be more than merely functional. With luminous textiles, interactive carpets, tunable white and dynamic color-changing LED lighting, you can create exciting ambient experiences and creative workspaces that improve employee satisfaction and enhance productivity.

    Healwell technology for a better controlled lighting space

    Lighting the way to a better day


    Recent research demonstrates a significant connection between light and circadian rhythms, the “built-in clocks” that govern our cycles of sleep and waking, stimulation and relaxation. Well-designed lighting experiences—the types and amounts of light at the right times and for the right durations—can have a positive effect on concentration, relaxation, sleep patterns, and the overall feeling of health and well-being.

    With spectrally tunable LED lighting and timeline-based control systems from Philips, you can create light “recipes” that deliver the optimal levels and wavelengths of light throughout the workday—making your office the ideal place to think, create, and collaborate.

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    The right level of light, when and where you need it


    With simple=to-sophisticated controls, Philips lighting systems can target lighting for different applications in different zones or areas of your business. Task lighting, general illumination, lighting in conference rooms, meeting areas, corridors, and parking garages all require different minimum and ideal levels of light. Scene setting and timeline-based dimming schedules give you a straightforward and flexible way to ensure the optimal lighting experiences in every case.

    Integration with presence detection systems, motion and occupancy sensors, daylighting and shading controls, and other intelligent systems allow businesses to maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing the comfort and effectiveness of the lighting.


    Choosing the system that’s right for you

    No one-size-fits all offerings

    Specifying Philips lighting systems begins with you—your business, your organization, your goals.


    Philips systems experts work with you to identify the specific system capabilities that you need, then help you design a system that serves those needs—now and in the future, as your business evolves and changes.


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