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    Parking lights -


    Saving you energy

    while keeping visitors safe


    Very often, lighting needs to remain on 24/7, leading to a high use of energy and increased costs. As a result, there are two challenges for the owners and managers of parking facilities: creating a warm and reassuring environment, while also saving on costs and maintenance.

    With the innovative GreenParking system, there’s no need to compromise on safety in order to achieve savings. In fact, running costs can be reduced by up to 80% with the use of energy-efficient LED technology.


    What’s more, with long-life LEDs, maintenance is cut to a minimum too – another way of saving on cost as well as reducing inconvenience.


    GreenParking is a wireless lighting system that works perfectly as a retrofit solution, complies with regulations and delivers outstanding energy savings.

    parking lights - greenparking video

    The GreenParking System guarantees performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.”


    - Axel Martin Schmitz Project Manager, Ralf Schmitz GmbH & Co. KGaA

    Working from the

    moment of installation


    GreenParking is a smart parking lights system which can start working immediately. A complete package of lighting and controls, it’s both easy to install and intuitive to operate. It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wireless controls.


    This system is entirely wireless and its ZigBee communication model uses low-power devices to transmit data over long distances.


    GreenParking is a parking lights system that is designed to be future-proof, so you’re able to  upscale your system as required.

    Staying one step ahead


    In the past, safety policy dictated that you kept lights in your parking garage permanently on. Now, with GreenParking, you can ensure that you have parking lights on demand.


    With GreenParking, as soon as the presence of cars or pedestrians is detected, the path ahead lights up to 100% illumination level ‘on demand’ – always staying one step ahead. The right level and quality of lighting enables vehicles to manoeuvre safely, and pedestrians to feel safe and secure. Once the car or pedestrian has moved out of that ‘zone’ or area and presence is no longer detected, after a pre-programmed time lapse, the lighting dims down to its background level of, for example, 20% illumination level. GreenParking delivers light only when needed to welcome and reassure and offers substantial energy and cost savings by dimming when not required.

    Dimming examples






    We save 50-60% on energy, maintenance costs, and created an optimum sense of safety through the flexible dimming system.”


    - Inge Reindersma, IJsselstein Council. Parking Eiteren IJsselstein, the Netherlands

    One space, multiple zones


    The GreenParking system allows you to create multiple zones. These zones are effectively luminaires ‘grouped’ together which will then behave in the same way as each other – so they will all dim or brighten together. The zones are selected and configured easily using a simple remote control. You choose your zones to suit your parking garage layout, select your preferred ‘dim to’ level, duration and hold time too. And if you have any changes to your parking garage layout, you can simply ‘re-configure’ to suit – meaning it’s future proof too.

    Example of multiple zones

    Speedy return, on investment


    The savings start from day one. Typical payback time for the parking lights system is just three years, as the efficiency of LED, combined with controls and zoning, results in up to 80% reduction  on energy and cost.

    3 years

    Payback time


    Possible energy and cost savings


    Possible cost savings*

    *1x58wTL-D installation versus GreenParking system over 10 years, on 450 luminaires in typical covered parking garage at €0.12 energy price.

    GreenParking system components


    The wireless nature of the Greenparking parking lights system means it’s easy to install and program. You can install GreenParking in a choice of two ways, to  suit your specific application and needs. Combine robust and long life Pacific LED luminaires with wirelessly controlled presence detection units,  or simply select the new Pacific LED luminaires with integrated HF sensor inside, eliminating the need for separate sensors.


    Whichever system you choose, you can be sure it will deliver flexibility and substantial energy savings for your parking garage.

    Pacific LED

    Pacific LED

    Ceiling sensor

    Ceiling sensor

    Wall sensor

    Wall sensor

    Services delivered the right way, your way


    Lighting is in our DNA and we’re big on flexibility. We’ll package our support around exactly what you need.


    You have a complete lighting system with one manufacturer and one warranty. It can be up and running very quickly and you’ll start saving on energy costs right away. GreenParking helps you to create the perfect parking space.


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