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    High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are the traditional solution to high bay environments. The technology used is more energy efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lighting, but HID lacks the ‘instant on’ nature of LED. Even though it uses less energy once warmed up, it’s very inefficient when compared to LED.



    The introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) technology revolutionized lighting and it has since become the industry standard. Essentially a solid material that emits light when electrical current passed through it, LED lighting combines long life and low energy use with minimal maintenance – especially relevant in a high-bay environment. 

    LED + controls


    The dimmable nature of LED makes it ideal for use with lighting controls. Motion sensors can be used to good effect in areas with less activity. Dimming lighting down to a safe background level enables further energy savings, with ‘instant on’ LED switching to 100% strength once movement is detected.

    LED + controls + data management


    The Philips GreenWarehouse system takes high bay lighting to another level. Digital LED now makes management data gathering possible through the lighting system. Analyzing this information can help to optimize your warehouse configuration to enable greater business efficiency, for example by changing zoning.