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    Today, we've entered a new era of warehouse lighting

    Warehouse lighting your way

    In the past, conventional lighting technology and lack of lighting controls meant that lighting had  to be permanently on for safety. In 24/7 operations such as warehouses, this was costly to run  and not sustainable. Now, GreenWarehouse puts an end to those days – by delivering warehouse lighting ‘on-demand’.

    In the past, conventional lighting technology and lack of lighting controls meant that lighting had to be permanently on for safety. In 24/7 operations such as warehouses, this was costly to run and not sustainable. Now, GreenWarehouse puts an end to those days – by delivering lighting ‘on-demand’.


    GreenWarehouse is a future-proof and flexible warehouse lighting system designed for a facility of any size and is suitable for both open  spaces and racking.


    It’s a perfect solution for new build or retrofit projects – simply replace existing light fixtures point for point, and add wireless controls.


    So if you’re ready to save 50% on energy costs in comparison with non-controlled, fixed-output lighting installations, it’s time to choose GreenWarehouse. Easy to implement and install, it means you can have your warehouse lighting, your way.

    warehouse lighting video

    Time to make the change


    Get the warehouse lighting just right with GreenWarehouse and an amazing thing happens. The mood in the warehouse improves. Energy levels rise. And when workers feel energised and comfortable, productivity flows.


    The environment benefits too. Presence-detectors ensure spaces are only fully lit when needed. Which means lower carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Win-win.

    GreenWarehouse illustration


    Movement detection is integrated into the fittings, and light intensity can be easily reconfigured. That’s a big advantage.”


    – Anders Vaernholt, Infrastructure Manager, Gothenburg Ro/Ro Terminal AB

    Control your warehouse lighting


    A warehouse isn’t one giant building. It’s a series of individual spaces serving different functions. Loading bays, racking areas – they require different lighting and are often in use at different times. Lighting your Warehouse in it’s entirety, round the clock, just wastes energy and runs up an unnecessary bill.


    GreenWarehouse is different. It’s a complete wirelessly controlled lighting system that delivers high-quality light only when and where it’s needed. Your Warehouse can be divided into ‘zones’ or areas. Presence detectors, placed throughout each of the areas trigger full-output lighting when movement is detected in, or approaching that ‘zone’; ensuring people and vehicles can move around the warehouse safely. When a space is unoccupied, the warehouse lighting dims to an energy-saving background lighting level.

    presence detection with smart warehouses lighting


    Light is always one step ahead – output increases to 100% when presence-detectors are triggered, while unoccupied areas remain dimmed.

    One space, multiple zones


    GreenWarehouse lets you illuminate specific areas in a single space by creating lighting zones. The zones ‘group’ luminaires together, so they brighten and dim as one.


    Configuring zones is really easy – it’s all done via remote control. Create the zones to suit the layout of your warehouse, then set the lighting levels for when a space is occupied and the background lighting level for when it's unoccupied.


    GreenWarehouse gives you all the flexibility you need. Want to change your warehouse lighting layout? Just re-configure your zones with the remote.

    Zoned lighting in action:


    This is how I see the future. Everything around me reacts to me, including the light.”


    – Robert Donev Facility, Safety and Environmental Management

    Presence detection – racking with open space example

    Racking with open space layout


    GreenWarehouse is a plug-and-play system, you’re ready to go as soon as it’s installed. GreenWarehouse is also fully scalable and future-proof – it slots into any warehouse, whatever the size.

    Rapid return on investment


    Rising energy bills are squeezing profit margins. More than ever, you need a warehouse lighting system that pays its way.


    With GreenWarehouse, the super-efficient LEDs, zoned lighting and daylight sensors generate up to 50% energy savings – the system typically pays for itself in just three years. Which means from Year Four onwards, you’re in profit-boosting territory.

    3 years
    Typical payback on investment
    Possible energy and cost savings
    over LEDs without control
    Possible savings*
    *Based on a warehouse area of 10,000 m2 over 10 years (up to €220,000), by comparing the installation and running costs of ourGreenWarehouse system with a traditional fluorescent solution installed without dimming controls.

    GreenWarehouse system components


    You can install GreenWarehouse in number of ways, to suit your specific application and needs. Choose from a range of robust luminaires - mixed to suit the different area lighting requirements in your warehouse – combined with wirelessly controlled presence detection units.


    Whichever system make up you choose, you can be sure it delivers flexibility and substantial energy savings for your Warehouse operations.

    GentleSpace gen2

    GentleSpace gen2

    Maxos LED

    Maxos LED

    Maxos LED wireless sensor

    Maxos LED wireless sensor

    Pacific LED

    Pacific LED

    Services delivered the right way,
    your way

    Lighting is in our DNA and we’re big on flexibility. We’ll package our support around exactly what you need.


    You have a complete warehouse lighting system with one manufacturer and one warranty. It can be up and running very quickly and you’ll start saving on energy costs right away. GreenWarehouse helps you to create the perfect environment.


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