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    Maxos TL-D, facet reflectors and optics

    4MX092 TL-D facetted reflectors4MX093 TL-D optics

    Maxos TL-D, facet reflectors and optics

        Product family information

        The design-orientated facetted reflectors for TL-D are ideal for applications focusing on trade (such as supermarkets and shops) and for offices. They are made of steel, with a white or silver finish, and are available for electrical units holding 1 or 2 TL-D lamps. The 2-lamp versions of the facetted reflectors must be used with special electrical units (lamp holder F32 mm). A facetted reflector comes without a pre-mounted mirror inlay and can be integrated with a semi-high-gloss (D6) OLC optic of high-quality aluminum. This optic has parabolic side reflectors and parabolic lamellae, and it can create either a medium beam (with an integrated white top reflector) or a narrow beam (with an integrated mirror top reflector). A prismatic acrylic screen to cover the facetted reflector is also available. For basic glare reduction, the facetted reflector can be equipped with a white-coated steel louver. The reflector is fixed on the electrical units via a simple click-in. The facetted reflectors must be connected to each other with additional coupling pieces. End plates for the beginning and end of the light line are available as accessories.


        Aluminum reflectors optimized for applications in supermarkets, shops, distribution centers and industry
        Choice of semi-high-gloss aluminum reflectors for wide, medium, narrow and (double-) asymmetrical beam distributions, and high-gloss aluminum reflector for very narrow beams
        Simple click-fixing to the electrical unit; reflectors can be connected in lines by overlap
        Product family details
        • 4MX092 (TL-D reflector)
        • 4MX093 (TL-D louver/optic)
        Suitable electrical unit
        • For 1 and 2 TL-D 36 and 58 W* versions
        Material and light distribution
        • Reflector:
        • Steel, facetted (F)
        • Steel, facetted (F) with high gloss aluminum mirror, wide beam (-WB)
        • Steel, facetted (F), with high gloss aluminum mirror, asymmetrical beam (-A)
        • Reflector option:
        • Steel, facetted (F) with symmetrical beam, direct/indirect (F-S-D/I)
        • Louver:
        • Semi-high gloss, high-quality aluminum, (D6), wide beam (-WB)
        • Semi-high gloss, high-quality aluminum, (D6), narrow beam (-NB)
        • PMMA prismatic cover (P)
        • Steel lamellae, white (L-F WH)
        • Click-in fixation on electrical unit
        • Facetted reflector end caps (9MX056 EP-F WH/SI), facetted reflector coupling pieces (9MX056 CP-F WH/SI)
        • *2-lamp versions of facetted reflectors to be used with dedicated electrical unit (with lampholder F32 mm)
        • Reflectors and optics are suitable for 1- and 2-lamp versions
        Main applications
        • Offices, schools, cash areas in shops
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